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Boxer dog cardiomyopathy: an update by Kathryn M. Meurs, DVM, PhD

Vet Clin Small Anim 34 (2004) 1235–1244

Dr. Neil Harpster first described myocardial disease in the Boxer dog in the early 1980s. It was characterized as a degenerative myocardial disease... Read More »

Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) – Screening


1) Breed Predispositions: – most common in large and giant breed dogs: Dobermans, Boxers, Great Danes, St. Bernards, Scottish Deerhounds, Irish Wolfhounds, Boxers, Newfoundlands, Afghan Hounds, Dalmations, Portuguese Water... Read More »

Efficacy of Pimobendan in the Prevention of Congestive Heart Failure or Sudden Death in Doberman Pinschers with Preclinical Dilated Cardiomyopathy (The PROTECT Study)

J Vet Intern Med 2012;26:1337–1349

N.J. Summerfield, A. Boswood, M.R. O’Grady, S.G. Gordon, J. Dukes-McEwan, M.A. Oyama, S. Smith, M. Patteson, A.T. French, G.J. Culshaw, L. Braz-Ruivo, A. Estrada, M.L.... Read More »

Chronic Degenerative Valve Disease Stage C

Stage C Chronic Degenerative Valve Disease is defined by a patient that is actively in left sided heart failure or has previously been in heart failure and... Read More »

Heart Disease in Cats: What’s up with that?

Heart Disease in Cats: What’s up with that? by Dr. Janet Olson, DVM, DACVIM (Cardiology)

Cardiology for cats is tough. Most of the cardiology we, as veterinarians have learned, pertains primarily... Read More »

Chronic Degenerative Valve Disease Stage B2

Your dog has been diagnosed with Stage B2 Chronic Degenerative Valve Disease (CDVD). The valves in the heart normally act as one way gates to keep all... Read More »

Chronic Degenerative Valve Disease Stage B1

Stage B1 Chronic Degenerative Valve Disease (CDVD). CDVD is a condition in which the valves regulating blood flow through the small chambers of the heart (atria) and the larger... Read More »

Monitoring Resting Respiratory Rates

Resting respiratory rates (RRR) are a valuable tool for determining if your pet is developing fluid in its lungs secondary to left sided congestive heart failure. In fact, elevated... Read More »