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Monitoring Resting Respiratory Rates

Posted on August 8th, by janetOlson in Client Handouts. Comments Off on Monitoring Resting Respiratory Rates

Resting respiratory rates (RRR) are a valuable tool for determining if your pet is developing fluid in its lungs secondary to left sided congestive heart failure. In fact, elevated resting respiratory rates are the earliest, and most objective sign of left sided congestive heart failure. If the disease process is recognized at this early stage, appropriate therapy can be initiated before the onset of a stressful and often costly respiratory crisis. For more information on this technique, click Monitoring Resting Resp Rate. You can also download a free APP on your smart phone by searching “your dogs heart resting respiratory rate” in your APP store.  For more information click HERE.   Please note that the APP works the same for cats as it does for dogs.  

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