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About Us

Veterinary Cardiology Specialists (VCS) works hand-in-hand with veterinary hospitals to provide uncompromised cardiac care for patients with heart disease.

Dr. Janet Olson, a board certified veterinary cardiology specialist, and owner of VCS, is dedicated to work hand-in-hand with you and your veterinarian to provide access to uncompromised cardiac care for patients with heart disease in the familiarity and comfort of their primary veterinary clinic. Her services are offered through on-site consultation as well as telemedicine capabilities for interpretation of radiographs, echocardiograms, ECGs and Holter data.

The Focus: improving the quality of life and survival time of patients with heart related disease

Service Goal: accurately diagnosing and offering management strategies for patients with congenital and acquired heart disease

  • Diagnostic Testing and Consultation Services
    Offering comprehensive evaluation and diagnostic testing for patients with heart disease that can be provided in the comfort and convenience of your own veterinary facility*.  VCS also offers interpretive consulting services for radiographs, ECGs and Holter data via telemedicine.   Visit the Vet Portal for these services.
  • Therapeutic Recommendations and Case Management
    Providing sound therapeutic recommendations which include medical management of congenital and acquired heart disease, minimally invasive procedures such as balloon valvuloplasty, pacemakers, catheter based PDA occlusion and laparoscopic pericardial windows, as well as surgical intervention for heart related cancer.
  • OFA Heart Clinics
    Certifying dogs with OFA standards through auscultation (listening for murmurs) as well as echocardiograms (ultrasound evaluations) to help maintain the health of your breed. For information on upcoming heart clinics, click here.

Service Locations: choose the option that works best for you and your pet

Getting Started: Talk with your veterinarian to determine if a cardiac consultation with VCS would benefit your pet.

To schedule an appointment today:
612-353-7440 Ext 1

* call to see if your veterinary hospital is within the VCS service area (612-353-7440 ext: 1)

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