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Veterinary Cardiology Specialists offers services aimed at accurately diagnosing and offering sound management strategies for patients with congenital and acquired heart disease

Diagnostic Capabilities: state-of-the-art diagnostic testing available on-site or via telemedicine

  • Diagnostic Testing and Interpretation- on-site
    physical examination
    6 lead electrocardiography (ECG)
    radiographic interpretation
    Holter monitoring (24 hour ECG)
  • Diagnostic Interpretation – telemedicine
    ECG consultation – via VetRhythm (TM)
    Radiographic and Echocardiographic consultation – via DVMInsight

Therapeutic Recommendations and Management Assistance:  Dr. Olson has extensive experience managing and treating both congenital and acquired heart disease in dogs and cats.  She works with your veterinarian to create a sound management strategy for your pet which may include:

  •  Interventional procedures for congenital heart defects
  •  Minimally invasive procedures for pericardial disease
  •  Surgical procedures for heart related cancer
  •  Medical management of congenital and acquired heart disease

Continued follow-up and case consultation:  Veterinary Cardiology Specialists will continue to work with you and your veterinarian, offering consult, follow-up testing and case management advice, as long as you like.

OFA Heart Clinic and Certification:  Veterinary Cardiology Specialists is helping eradicate congenital heart disease in dogs through its participation in the OFA Heart Certification program.

  • OFA Heart Clinics are offered by VCS on request
  • VCS offers two levels of heart certification through OFA
    Auscultation: detecting the presence or absence of a heart murmur
    Echocardiogram:  definitively ruling out congenital heart disease
  • To host a OFA Heart Cert Clinic, please contact Dr. Olson at 612-353-7440
    Click here for information on upcoming OFA Heart Cert Clinics (link)

For more information about OFA Heart Certification visit and click on Cardiac Disease on the left hand side of the home page.